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Steins;Gate 18

In the end, trap will always have one-sided love, no matter how he struggle to become a girl. Except a certain game make it happens. I can find Rukako is the most feminine trap, ever and lately I've been taken a like to trap  ;_;. I guess my resistance is futile to resist trap because they're cute and have DFC ;_;

Anyway, there's only one more D-Mail need to be undone and it's from Shining Finger. Let's see how our Mad Scientist, Hououin Kyouma can convince Moeka to undone it.

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Hatsune Miku becomes a character in a game!

Imageepoch has a Hatsune Miku tie up for 7th Dragon 2020. The Sega published title will have "Hatsune Miku 2020" in the game. She will also sing the game’s theme song "SeventH-HeaveN" which is being produced by sasakure.UK.

Famitsu announced the release for 7th Dragon 2020 too. Imageepoch’s PSP sequel will be available in Japan on October 27. Still no news about a North American release.


Damn it Sega, take all my love and my money ima sugu!!

Also, this is the song in question

Man, I love the song already.


Yuru Yuri 04

When this show starts with Chitose take off her glasses, I knew this episode would be really good.


Ikoku Meiro 04




Summer 2011, What I follow and what I will post

As the title says, here I will list what shows from this season I will follow.


First post, yay!

For celebrating my 4th attempt to create an active blog and my first post here, let's play this song

So, have you been MikuMiku'd yet?

Enjoy your stay here 😀

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