You Have No Life Really


Kamisama no Memochou 06

Man, this show has become more like a bromance show. Well, this shows that our protagonist is not a whiner. He can make decision by himself and he's very perceptive. But, Alice has only become a helper. I hope it's only for this arc because this is bromance arc.

Next week looks like Renji will finally meet his old friend and settle things up. This anime has to be a two cour. I can't believe they will wrap it all with only 12 episodes. I want to see every NEET member's story so they are now bound to Alice. I can't read the Light Novel because I can't read kanji and if somehow the translation show up, I will be too lazy to read a novel ;_;

Oh, lately I rarely post something here because I have something to finish (read : Games) and barely can watch anime :p