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My nick on the net is Tomz Walker. Feel free to call me Tomz or walker. I'm a Japanese Modern Visual Culture fan, especially anime and manga. My principle is "Storyline is number one!", be it anime, manga, or game.  No matter how crappy the art or the gameplay, I will still read/watch/play it if I like the story. Sometimes if the art is too moe to handle, my inner feeling still wants to watch it despite the crappy storyline.

About this blog

This blog can exist thanks to edogawaconan for the server. This blog will mostly contains anything related to anime, manga, or any other Japanese Culture. But you can expect random things about my other interests. My main language in this blog is English. If I happen to find any other languages in the comment section, I will delete it. So, please use English no matter how bad you are at it, because I'm not that good either.


All images here are strictly copyrights to their respectful owner. If you have any complain about my post or any of the image here, send me a message to this email


I hope you can enjoy your ride here with me

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