You Have No Life Really


CubexCursedxCurious 03 – The fanservice is back!

What a smile you have there.

Apparently Fear is a "tool" for torturing. From this episode, she showed tool's mechanism #26 - Iron Maiden, #8 - Crushing Cyclic Form, #3 - Guillotine, and #19 - Drilling Helix Form. I knew that there would be Guillotine form because it's a common tool for finishing the torture in old times. I want to see more tool's mechanism from her and how much "fear" she would throw us into. Also bloody show like this is what I've been waiting for.

And of course as the title say

Seeing Fear like this and compare it to her at the beginning of the episode is like watching two different shows.

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  1. can’t agree more about “like watching two different shows” :))
    I think it’s better to delete that FS scene and focus to dark theme :p

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