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CubexCursedxCurious 01+02 – Fanservice shi… wait, what?

It's your usual fanservice show. But this time it's in the form of 'cube', apparently the cursed one. And look at that beautifully done 'accidentally fall' and looks like theywill have sax after that, very common in a fanservice show. What's more in a fanservice show?

Of course it's your usual school life. Cute couple getting teased by their friends, having lunch together happily. Your usual fanservice show, or so it seems to be...


Yes, I was deceived by the first episode and half of the second episode. I thought every girl in this show will be the protagonist harem in the end. But I was wrong, this show is darker than all of you, especially who haven't read the manga, thought. That Konoha is also a cursed tool too, Muramasa sword. That explain why she can cut things easily in the first episode. Oh, the protagonist looks composed after what he hear and see. He used Konoha as his sword, but of course he can't bear it because it's Muramasa sword after all. And at the end, Fear snapped and back to her former self after seeing Haruaki's screaming and blood.

Now I can see her as a Cursed Tool.

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  1. hope it wouldn’t end up like 11 eyes :p

  2. wow, 11 eyes o_0
    i’d prefer school days than that. the half series is quite acceptable, but the rest is suck.

    i still doubt about this series. clumsy and cursed is different thing. ehh, wait…
    suddenly i remember about kamisen :p

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