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Shana Final 01 : Yes, Yuuji is gone

"Yes, I will cut your hair short!"

At fucking last I can watch Shakugan no Shana again. I was expecting so much from the final season. And wow, Yuuji? Long hair? Become an enemy? Plot twist at the start of the episode. But it was only at the start

Here's the rest of the episode. At the Christmas Eve instead met with Shana, Yuuji was gone. Shana still come to Yuuji's house and have a breakfast with Yuuji's mom, but his mom doesn't realize that Yuuji is gone. After breakfast, Shana was taking a bath while thinking that Yuuji is gone. Nande? Nande? But, she's sure that Yuuji's alive because she received a letter from Yuuji. But Yuuji's gone, but she's sure that Yuuji's alive. YES, this episode is about "Yuuji's gone, but I'm sure he's still alive" for almost 20 minutes.

At least the plot continue in the last scene, where Yuuji apparently becomes Bal Masque leader. And next week Yuuji will have a training to become Bal Masque's leader. I hope it won't let me down

PS : For the shows from the last season, I think I won't write anything about them unless I stop playing Dragon Nest.

PS 2 : Yes, Yuuji is GONE!

PS 3 : Yes, Yuuji is still ALIVE!

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