You Have No Life Really


Steins;Gate 18

In the end, trap will always have one-sided love, no matter how he struggle to become a girl. Except a certain game make it happens. I can find Rukako is the most feminine trap, ever and lately I've been taken a like to trap  ;_;. I guess my resistance is futile to resist trap because they're cute and have DFC ;_;

Anyway, there's only one more D-Mail need to be undone and it's from Shining Finger. Let's see how our Mad Scientist, Hououin Kyouma can convince Moeka to undone it.

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  1. more feminime than any woman, but he’s a guy 😀

  2. well, nulis blog anime juga ya….trap2 lagi demen sekarang. But that’s not a trap, becuase, in this timeline, he’s a girl

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