You Have No Life Really


Yuru Yuri 04

When this show starts with Chitose take off her glasses, I knew this episode would be really good.



My fucking face

Man, Chitose's delusions really make this show epic.

I'm not into yuri's stuff, but this show really shows me that Yuri couple can be really cute. Just look at Ayano, she takes Kyouko as her rival, but in her true feeling, she loves Kyouko the most. So tsundere yet so cute. And in only Chitose's delusions, we can see them dere-dere to each other. It's been a long time since I like Yuri couple since NanohaxFate (Fuck you ChronoXNanofags, really)


Poor Akarin, she's the main character yet she doesn't stand out like everybody else ;_;

I can't wait to see Akarin's sister and I think she will be a yandere sister.

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