You Have No Life Really


Ikoku Meiro 04



I won't get tired watching Yune's face all day long because she's the cutest loli in this season.

Yune wanted to cook Sukiyaki for dinner because Oscar said it's a good chance for Claude to eat Japanese food. And I didn't know that taking a bath was only for richfags at 19th centuries in France.

As from the epilogue of last episode, the blonde-loli-ojou-sama, Alice, wants to take Yune to her home and she came to Claude's store. After a long pursuit, Yune feels bad for her and follow her to her mansion. Aw, I can see Claude so jelly and upset imagining Yune will stay at Alice's mansion forever.

But, with Yune's attitude, there's no way in hell she will leave Claude and Oscar. She begged Alice to let her go even Alice will give back her Kimono if Yune will stay there forever.

See? With Yune's determination even Alice ojou-sama accompanied her back. With that, I guess we won't see Alice's ambition to take Yune again

Or not....

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